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About ALC

Our Ideology

The basic promise of our service is to bring in strength, along-with the deep sense of mature professional management expertise for promising value propositions �usually owned and managed by passionate, energetic, exuberant and driven individuals. Thus while our business partner is focused on the revenue streams and the related core competencies, we would work with him to make them more robust and sustainable by providing our end to end solutions. We Believe, enterprises constantly need to rediscover and reprioritize to continue and create stakeholders�value. Our promise to the large and medium sized companies is that we would find new markets and reduce costs for them by adopting innovative approaches. We realize the relevance of being responsible for our recommendations and not carry a “hands-off�approach. This will be done through either collaboration with a partner organization or through an internal initiative targeted at a particular sector or industry segment.

Our Core Promises

Significant Initiative

Allunare Consumer Engagement (ACE) a business vertical under ALC specializes in designing Consumer and Channel specific Strategies. It understands that businesses generally over a period of time go through a downturn or connect problems, and our solutions are mended in a manner which will help you in overcoming Channel, Consumer and Engagement issues that would have come across over of period of time. Our vendor network in terms sourcing goods and services at the best price makes us a potent force in negotiating the highest value for you. Our network spreads across multi domain functionalities like Tourism �National & International, FMCG, Merchandizing, Consumer Durables, kids products, sports merchandize etc. where we help you in bundling offers most conducive in terms of consumer purchase and augmenting channel sales growth.

Our solutions are primarily based on the 3 E model of Exciting �Energizing and Engaging consumers. Which will have a long term connect for consumers with the brand and also help the brand in creating a viral with multifaceted distinct touch-points across the Market.

Today as a Consumer, when we are in the shopping mode a data from NCH's annual Consumer Survey show trends that 80.6 % of people are looking out for the best deals or discounts to carry home. Neo consumers are not happy with just a solitary product to go with, without a value addition �and that’s where ACE solutions will deliver the advantage to you. Because if you are not providing consumers with Value ad’s then you are missing out on the point of creating an Augmented Consumer, who just will not enjoy the product/service but will refer 10 others to buy the same. That’s what is the beauty of Marketing in the sales atmosphere. So next time you dwell upon the point that why your products are not fairing well against the competitor or you are loosing consumers and market share similarly then you most introspect and find out the reason. Our research shows Quality �Delivery �After Sales �Augmentation as the principle reason towards this dip. And we at ACE believe in giving you solutions across most of this genre.

ACE Solutions

  • Samsung Products
  • Reebok Merchandize
  • T â€?Shirts across Various Brands and Normal
  • Thailand Packages
  • Numero Uno Products
  • Gift Vouchers of Premium Brands
  • Kids Merchandize
  • Sports Merchandize
  • Television Air Time
  • Print Space
  • Digital Solutions
  • Movie Vouchers
  • Digital Connections

The list is endless. We promise, we will deliver, and you relish that’s the mantra we follow. For more information on our solutions and creations �kindly follow the link here.